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The environnement : our top priority


We attach great importance to welcoming you comfortably and in high quality while respecting our commitments in terms of sustainability.


Our eco-philosophy corresponds to the aspirations of ecotourism:


Travel close to nature and ethically responsible without giving up the comfort


Nature as a place of healing and inspiration


Return to the origins by discovering local particularities

1. Construction and building envelope:

  • Wooden construction, renewable raw material.

  • Untreated and unpainted raw larch facades.

  • Consisting of elements bearing the Minergie Module certificate.

  • Insulation of exterior walls (ground floor and 1st floor) in Isofloc cellulose wadding produced from recycled newsprint and whose manufacturing is the most energy-efficient of all manufactured insulation. FSC and Natureplus certification.

  • Insulation of interior walls made of 100% natural Fisolan sheep wool that absorbs and releases up to 33% of its own weight. Pollutants such as formaldehyde and ozone are degraded in the wool fiber of sheep.

  • Windows and Velux equipped with triple glazing (U = 0,5W/m2 K).

​2. Heating and cooling:

  • Heat pump with boreholes and geothermal probes (3x130m) which offers the best performance.

  • Free-Cooling: the system allows cooling the building in summer thanks to the lower temperature of the geothermal sensors, a plate heat exchanger and a simple circulation pump. It is much less energy consuming than an air conditioning system.

3. Solar photovoltaic panels:

60 m2 are integrated on the west side of the roof, power 11 KW, (36 panels of 305 W), annual production about 13'000 KW / h. The self-consumption is organized to use the maximum current on the spot when it is produced.

4. Small daily actions:

  • Electrical and household appliances in category A + minimum.

  • Lighting with bulbs and LED lights.

  • Cloth table towels, no plastic straw, paper use reduced to a minimum.

  • If possible ecological cleaning products.

  • Shampoo and shower gel natural without chemical additives.

  • Breakfast consisting of homemade products, regional and/or if possible organic.

  • E-Mobility: the charging station for electric vehicles was installed in November 2021

  • E-Mobility: purchase in October 2021 of a small 100% electric vehicle for our needs and to drive guests to the beginning of the Grand Bisse de Lens or to a restaurant in Chermignon or Lens (little shuttle car).

5. Projects:

  • Charging station for electric vehicles (2021).

  • Provide an electric vehicle (car, bike) for guests (2021).

  • Creation of a vegetable garden and fruit to complement the breakfasts and the table d'hôte (Planting 2021).


Sustainable development becomes a way of life. Being close to nature without giving up comfort, this is the new design of holidays.

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